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20 June 2010 @ 12:46 pm

Welcome one and all to the spectacular tangent fest that is Episode 54 of Comic Racks!

Join the girls as they get their review hats on and chat (quite spoilerifically) about everything they can think of, including True Blood S1, Fat Chunk V2, Marvel Her-Oes #1 & #2, Kick Ass, Doctor Who 'The Forgotten' #1-#6, Tank Girl 'Dirty Helmet', The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, a rather large batch of webcomics, The Losers movie and much much more.

Stace gets pretty rant-tastic over Captain America: Who Won't Wield The Shield?, Iz reiterates her love for The Boys, and both girls have a splendid time talking about the joys of John Barrowman.

So sit back, relax, and tune in for prudishness, swearing, and gigles galore.



03 May 2010 @ 02:44 pm

Hello there, fair listener, and welcome to episode 52 of Comic Racks!

This episode, Stacebob is joined by the lovably scummy Dave Dwonch; comic writer, artist and fellow podcaster for the Geek Savants. Hear their thoughts on a Wanted sequel, whether Ghost Rider really was that bad as well as getting up close and personal with Sir Dwonch himself.

Also covered are JSA #37, Turf #1, Glee, The Courtyard, Guns of Shadow Valley and Alan Moore's chaffed arse, as well as much much more...

Throw in a couple of tunes, some choice peeves and you've got yourselves and episode, ladies and gents!

So grab a nice cup of tea, a slice of Battenburg cake and enjoy Episode 52. huzzah!


Hello, and welcome, to Episode 51 of Comic Racks!

Before the frivolity of an exciting blurb begins, I, Stacebob, your Chief Rambler and Editor this episode, would like to formally apologise for the dodgy sound quality during parts of this show. There's some random echo, some bizarre fuzzy noise, and generally a bit of weirdness. I did everything in my edit-y power to get rid of or at least reduce the weirdness, but some bits had to stay in. Sorry!

Right then, welcome to Episode 51! This episode, Stacebob is joined by her Mr, Richnerd, and friend and relative comics newbie, Ben, to discuss some things geek, but most things zombie! Expect spoilers for practically everything that gets mentioned; particularly the Walking Dead, as we take an in-depth look at everyone's favourite zombie comic. Except Rich. And Iz's Rich. And probably other people...

On top of that, we have some choice reviews of Choker #1, Shuddertown #1, Kick Ass, How To Train Your Dragon, Doctor Who, something Green Arrow related and much much more!

Find out what Ben does in his spare time (it ain't pretty), how Rich feels about spoilt 60's girls and hear Stace go mental over the arrival of the new album from The Futureheads! (What, you didn't think The Futureheads would release an album that Stace wouldn't immediately pick a song from to throw in the episode, did you?)



Welcome to this, the second and final part of The Comic Racks Episode 50 Extravaganza!

In this segment, we bring you such delights as interviews with Chris Lynch and Stuart Tipples (the men behind Monkeys With Machineguns), Shawn Pryor (the man behind PKD Media) and Paul Cornell (the man behind so much awesome stuff your brain would explode if we listed it all!)

Hear about the awesome indie-type comics coming from Monkeys With Machineguns and PKD Media, all about Paul Cornell's house move and Shawn's singing debut!

All this, plus some fantastic music choices from our guests (and Iz!) and congratulatory messages from lovely listeners, including the one and only (fake) Alan Moore!


04 March 2010 @ 09:28 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Ood and other alien type peoples, this is it, the moment you've all been waiting for; COMIC RACKS HITS 50! Well, sort of. If you forget that Episode 0 ever happened. And those episodes we split into two parts. And the-yes well, anyways, to celebrate this momentous occasion, we've got so many interviews we can't even fit them all in one episode!

In Part One, join us as we chat to Com.X's Andi Ewington and Eddie Deighton about how they got into comics, the making of the rather fantabulous 45, future endeavours and the tea-dunking logistics behind the humble Jaffa Cake. Also, we catch up with Rack-favourite Jamie Smart and find out just what he's up to these days (or rather, we find out that he's up to things, but Top Secret If-I-Told-You-I'd-Have-To-Kill-You type things...)

All this plus some tip-top guest music choices and messages from our lovely listeners!

Part Two will be heading your way with yet more delights soon!


09 February 2010 @ 10:04 pm

It's finally out! After over a week of technical problems and Audacity break downs, Stacebob The PC-Conqueror gives you Comic Racks Episode 49B, co-starring The Hod!

The Hod, a fellow Birminghamite, father to a future comic nerd, and the human encyclopedia of all things geek, joins Stacey this episode to discuss a wide range of topics, from thoughts on the new iPad, Gail Simone returning to Birds of Prey and how to get an entire cinema screen to yourself.

Hear their reviews of films such as Daybreakers, Ninja Assassin and The Damned United, comics including a zillion 2000AD related titles, The Sword and Green Arrow: Quiver, and discover the comic that Stacey dropped this fortnight!

All this plus two interesting Rack Music choices, Power Girl, yet more Blackest Night drool sessions, tangents a-plenty and a very special outro tune just for The Hod.

Apologies in advance for the poor sound quality in the episode, especially to my good friend The Hod, who kindly stepped in at super-short notice to do this episode with me. I have no idea what happened, and have spent several hours trying to make it as good as possible. Sorry!
18 December 2009 @ 07:30 pm
Yes, dudes and dudettes, major-league butt-kicking is back in town!

That's right, Podcast on a Half-Shell is back for Episode 2! After quite a long gap since Episode 1, Stacey and Luke are back to discuss all things Ninja Turtle. They share their thoughts on the news of Nickelodeon acquiring the rights to the TMNT, as well as reviewing the Quarter Century Celebration trade paperback, the first Collected Edition of the original comics and the TV movie Turtles Forever.

With muchos thankage to the lovely Rob Jackson for the spiffy logo!


11 December 2009 @ 08:36 pm
This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Eric Martin; fellow podcaster, all-round good guy and a great friend. We'll miss you buddy x

Join the ladies, better late than never, as they get on thier review horses and take a trip through all things geek. Stace finally checks out some Judge Dredd, Iz devours the Star Trek Countdown comic, the girls get squee-tastic over Doctor Who, and more!

Throw in some tip-top Rack Music choices, a shedload of news and the typical Racks tangents and you've got yourself an episode! Woo!


17 November 2009 @ 12:42 pm
The Racks are BACK! Yes, that's right, after a mini hiatus caused by cold germs and piggy sniffles, the Ladies of Rackington are back on their podcasting horses, bringing you the finest lady-nerd ramblings you could ask for! Or something...

Join the girls as they discuss new trailers that have hit the interwebs recently, whether Rachel McAdams is foxy enough to be Black Cat, and... bosoms.

Stace gets her "Issue 1" hat on during the reviews section, touching on titles such as Arkham Reborn #1, World's Finest #1, Dead Eyes Open #1 and more besides, whilst Iz reviews the TV shows she absorbed during her brush with the oink flu, such as FlashForward, Spaced and Primeval.

All this excellence, plus two jolly spiffing music choices and rambles galore.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the return of the Racks!


Whilst Iz is away, sunning herself on exotic beaches, lazing by the pool and testing the elasticity of her trousers at the buffet, Stace enlists the help of fellow comic nerd and podcaster, Eric Martin, for this rather long and tangent-filled episode. Eric, also known as The Question on thecomicforums.com, is one half of both the DC Noise and Comics Playground podcasts.

As Stace sets the record for the number of times one person can say 'anyway' in one podcast (and there were more, now to be found only on the cutting room floor!), Eric divulges the very first comic he bought with his own money, why that one in particular caught his eye, and which comic storyline he'd erase from continuity if he could, along with a few of his favourite things.

Amongst the Reviews this episode are the Wonder Woman animated movie, North 40, Wednesday Comics, Master of Horror, Bear, Green Lantern Corps and more! Eric sets Stacey off on yet another love-filled ramble on Blackest Night, the Peeve section disintigrates into digressions galore and both Eric and Stace admit to shedding a tear over a comic.

All this, plus two jolly spiffing music nuggets, a lotta DC love and reasons why Stace would make a terrible superhero.