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27 May 2010 @ 12:46 pm
Episode 53  

Iz and Stacey are reunited, and joined by extra special guest, the fabulous Stacey Whittle founding member of the Small Press Big Mouth podcast.

Expect spectacular tangents, rants and random cooing over a variety of totty. We also talk up a storm abou...t tons and tons of comics and films, and generally put the world to rights.

Comic Reviews: The Unwritten #12, Echo #s 18 - 21, Iron Man Legacy #1, Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding Album trade, Criminal Vols 3 and 4, Pinocchio Vampire Slayer, Flash, Daytripper #1, Flaming Carrot Comics, Brightest Day #0 and 1, 2000AD and Spiderman Fever.

Film Reviews: Four Lions, Bunny and the Bull, Kick Ass, Iron Man 2

See? I said there were tons...enjoy!! (and sorry about the sound)


(PS Sorry this is out of order, but I totally forgot to put it up when it came out! D'oh!)